We will help you assess the macro and micro risks of any given market internationally.
Our strategic risk management approach balances global risk with key business processes and in-depth knowledge of local conditions, circumstances, cultures and customs.

In addition to designing the processes and systems to address a client’s assessed risks, we can provide comprehensive support in programme implementation.

Virtus Global Security

Companies face increasing expectations from staff, shareholders and regulators to have planned for and robustly respond to unexpected events. Companies require well prepared contingency plans to deal with a variety of issues including natural disasters, weather related phenomena, political

Turmoil, insurgency and terrorism, local activism and local labour unrest.
Virtus global security offers current best practices being adopted to plan for and manage crises.

Our team have a proven track record of providing an immediate response to address vulnerabilities and potentially damaging media with a strong emphasis on prevention, management and response to a range of crises thus avoiding reputational damage and interruption to business operations.

Our support includes:

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