Close Protection Services & Residential Security Teams


Our teams are made up of former royal marines commandos, parachute regiment and/or uk special forces operators. We are diverse and flexible we can operate in any given location, national, international, remote, hostile, urban or rural.

Residential Security

Hostile Environment Close Protection

Middle East, Africa and South America, all continents offer a unrivalled quantity of natural resources however all come with a risk. Virtus Global Security can offer clients a range of services from armed convoy escorts, to camp security and advanced logistical support.


Executive Close Protection

Our Executive Close Protection Services are suitable for all high net worth and high risk individuals and organisations both nationally and internationally. Experienced operatives are utilised specific to the task.


Covert Close Protection

Sometimes a more covert approach is required. Within certain business environments, sometimes “security” can be seen as very disrespectful and inappropriate. For example, when invited to turn up with a visible security team – it’s not really the done thing.

We are able to provide our clients with a more tactful, Covert Protection, inserting operatives in and among your own party, for example, as a Personal Assistant.


Residential Security Teams

Whether as a single protection Officer or as a larger team of two or more, a residential security team can offer peace of mind to a family in residence.

The role forms one part of the responsibilities of a Close Protection team. However, some families do not feel vulnerable in their daily routine but realise that their home can make them a target.

The provision of the RST can be flexible to give a presence at all times or alternatively when the client is not in residence and the premises are vulnerable. We offer a fully flexible solution tailored to the client’s needs.

The RST always consists of Close Protection trained operatives who will provide the correct level of security with the minimum intrusion into the client’s personal life.

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